​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Prostate and urologic cancers

If you are newly diagnosed with a urologic cancer, such as prostate or bladder cancer, you may have questions about your treatment options. Questions like, "What is watchful waiting?" and "Will surgery affect my sexual performance?"

Whether you are looking for a second opinion or are ready to start treatment, you'll find expert care and advice at The Christ Hospital Health Network.

Our cancer care team has experience treating all stages of prostate and bladder cancer. We see men who found their prostate cancer early on, and didn't need immediate treatment. And we care for men and women with rare or aggressive forms of bladder cancer.

​About prostate and urologic cancers

The "genitourinary system" is a fancy name for several organs, glands and tubes that make up our urinary and reproductive systems. Doctors called urologists specialize in both of these systems. They are next to each other in the body, and some of these organs (like the penis) have both urinary and reproductive functions.

At The Christ Hospital Health Network, we treat any genitourinary cancer, but we primarily focus on the following:

  • Prostate cancer occurs in a small gland (the prostate) found only in men. The prostate sits between the bladder and penis.

  • Bladder cancer occurs in both men and women. It begins in your bladder (the organ in your pelvic area that stores urine).
Prostate and bladder cancers can both be detected early. This increases your chances of successful treatment and survival.

Why choose The Christ Hospital Health Network

If you have prostate or bladder cancer, you're looking for the best care—including top doctors, the newest treatments and the latest research.

At The Christ Hospital Health Network, we offer a best-in-class experience that meets all your needs:
  • Our cancer team approach ensures you'll receive the most comprehensive care available from experts in their fields.

  • Our investments in leading-edge technology allow us to offer treatments that are not widely available. For example, we use advanced forms of radiation therapy that reduce side effects. These therapies include the Varian Edge radiosurgery and Calypso 4D Localization systems.

  • Our support services are an important part of any treatment plan. Whether you're having trouble coping with your diagnosis, or want to talk to a financial counselor, we'll make sure you get the support you need.

  • Our integrative medicine services can add a holistic touch to your treatment journey. You can take advantage of our Tai Chi classes, chair yoga, music therapy, pet therapy and more.

  • Our program offers both time-honored treatments and emerging therapies being tested through cancer-related clinical trials.

Just as important, you'll receive care in a warm and welcoming environment from cancer caregivers who care about your health as much as you do.