​Hearing services for adults and children

Audiologists of The Christ Hospital Physicians - Ear, Nose & Throat are committed to providing the highest quality care to help our patients reach their greatest hearing potential.

Our four convenient office locations are fully-equipped to provide a variety of hearing services, including comprehensive hearing evaluations as well as hearing aid assessments, recommendations and fittings. We offer custom ear pieces to minimize dangerous levels of sound or increase protection from water.

Comprehensive hearing evaluations

Hearing can be tested at any age. Audiologists of The Christ Hospital Physicians - Ear, Nose & Throat are able to provide routine hearing evaluations on all age groups, including children over the age of 8 months. Each age group requires a different approach to hearing testing and our audiologists are qualified to select the appropriate tests to complete the hearing evaluation.

For adult patients, a hearing evaluation consists of:

  • Basic audiometry (listening for a "beep" and pressing a button every time you hear it)  

  • Tympanometry (a pressure test to determine if there is fluid or congestion behind your ear drum)  

  • Word recognition testing (repeating words)  

We use all of this information to determine what would be the best intervention for you. 

Hearing loss interventions

Following a comprehensive hearing evaluation, audiologists of The Christ Hospital - Ear, Nose & Throat work closely with a doctor specialized in the care of the ear, nose and throat, called an otolaryngologist, to determine the most appropriate treatment for your hearing loss. While hearing aids are the most common recommendation for individuals with hearing loss, there are other options available that may be better suited to meet your hearing needs.

If the ear, nose and throat doctor determines surgical intervention is not appropriate, they may recommend a follow-up appointment with an audiologist.

At a separate appointment, the audiologist will meet with you to discuss your hearing loss, the issues that your hearing loss is causing and determine what assistive listening device or aid is most appropriate based on your hearing needs.

While most hearing loss interventions include some device (a hearing aid or assistive listening device), your hearing loss intervention does not stop when you receive the device. We strongly believe that hearing loss affects the whole person and providing a device does not end all hearing problems. After you receive your hearing device, you will continue to routinely see an audiologist.

Custom ear pieces

Audiologists of The Christ Hospital Physicians - Ear, Nose & Throat do not only fit hearing aids, they also offer a variety of other custom ear pieces to meet a wide range of patient's needs. Audiologists can provide:

  • Custom swim plugs to help keep water out of your ears   

  • Hearing protection to keep your hearing safe while around loud noises   

  • Custom ear pieces with a variety of uses, including custom made musician plugs

The ear pieces are custom molded using a cast sent to the manufacturer. Once the manufacturer has completed your custom device, you'll be asked to come back to the office to ensure proper fitting.


Audiologists of The Christ Hospital Physicians - Ear, Nose & Throat are nationally certified and licensed. Together, they have greater than 50 years of experience, and have a diverse range of expertise.

Our audiologists take time to discuss your hearing concerns and provide recommendations and counseling based on your communication needs. Audiologists include:

Carolyn L. Alto, MA, CCC-A, F-AAA

Education: Master of Arts in Audiology, Montclair State College (Upper Montclair, NJ) Bachelor of Arts in Speech Correction, Douglass College of Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ)
Certification: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, American Academy of Audiology, Ohio Academy of Audiology and Ohio Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Years of Experience: 30+ years
Practice Location: Montgomery

Kiersten Anderson, AuD, CCC-A

Education: Clinical Doctorate of Audiology, University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH), Bachelor of Science in Biology, DePaul University (Chicago, IL) Certification: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Ohio Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Kentucky Speech-Language Association Licenses: Hearing Instrument Specialist- Kentucky, Audiologist- Ohio, Audiologist- Kentucky
Years of Experience: 10 + Years
Office Location: Anderson 

Lori S. Lipp, MS, CCC-A, F-AAA

Education: Masters of Science in Audiology, Illinois State University (Normal, IL) Bachelor of Science in Education (concentration in Speech & Hearing Therapy), Miami University (Oxford, OH)
Organizations: Ohio Speech-Language-Hearing Hearing Association, Kentucky Speech-Language-Hearing Association, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, American Academy of Audiology
Years of Experience: 30+ years
Practice Location: Mt. Auburn

Erica Llewellyn, AuD, CCC-A

Education: Doctorate of Audiology, University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH), Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Hearing Sciences, The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)
Certification: American Speech-Language Hearing Association, Kentucky Speech-Language Hearing Association, Ohio Speech-Language Hearing Association
Licenses: Hearing Instrument Specialist- Kentucky, Audiologist- Ohio, Audiologist- Kentucky
Years of Experience: 6+ years
Practice Locations: Green Township and Ft. Wright, KY

Dora Murphy-Courter, AuD, F-AAA

Education: Doctorate of Audiology, University of Cincinnati, Leadership and Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities, University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, Bachelor of Science, Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of Cincinnati
Organizations: American Academy of Audiology, Ohio Speech-Language-Hearing Association, incluing audiology representative to the Association, 2014-2015, Ohio Academy of Audiology
Years of Experience: 2+ years
Practice Location: Green Township