Cardio Oncology support services at The Christ Hospital

Cardio-oncology program at The Christ Hospital Health Network

Pre-existing heart problems can complicate cancer treatment and sometimes the life saving cancer treatment itself can cause heart issues. There is now a  world wide recognition of the need for a special field of cardiology to care for these special types of patients. That field is called 'Cardio-Oncology" and Cincinnati's Heart Hospital has established a unique clinic, available at multiple locations, to provide this care to cancer patients before, during and even long after cancer treatment. 

Coronary artery disease, atrial fibrillation, cardiomyopathy and valve disease are just a few of the common medical problems that impact a patient's cancer treatment. In addition, radiation and some types of medical cancer treatments can actually cause heart dysfunction. This is especially true for patients treated for breast cancer and lymphoma amongst other diseases. When this happens doctors call it, "cardiotoxicity." 

With sophisticated treatment patients often live much longer than in the past or, in many cases, are cured altogether. So it makes sense to focus more on getting the patients the treatment they need , regardless of their past cardiac problems, and to reduce or eliminate "cardio-toxicity." 

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