Diabetes and endocrinology care team at The Christ Hospital Health Network 

Our endocrinologists have special training and advanced expertise providing care for all types of hormonal health concerns, including diabetes, thyroid issues and a wide range of conditions caused by hormone imbalance. 

Our multidisciplinary team includes nurse practioners, nurses, dietitians, primary care doctors, certified educators and other specialists who deliver comprehensive, personalized treatment and diabetes self-management to help you improve your health. 

Find an endocrinologist to help manage your diabetes and other hormonal issues.

Our Physicians

Susannah M. Becker, MDEndocrinology / Diabetes / Metabolism / Internal Medicine
Amanda M. Denney, MDEndocrinology / Diabetes / Metabolism
Shannon M. Haggerty, MDEndocrinology / Diabetes / Metabolism
Katherine M. Miller, MDEndocrinology / Diabetes / Metabolism
Richa Patel, MDEndocrinology / Diabetes / Metabolism
Shawn D. Peavie, DOEndocrinology / Diabetes / Metabolism
Barbara A. Ramlo-Halsted, MDEndocrinology / Diabetes / Metabolism

Our Advanced Practice Providers

Mary E. Adams, CNPEndocrinology / Diabetes / Metabolism
Kathryn E. Dinh, CNPEndocrinology / Diabetes / Metabolism
Sarah M. Foster, CNPEndocrinology / Diabetes / Metabolism
Lisa A. Niehaus, CNPEndocrinology / Diabetes / Metabolism
Trisha M. Range, CNPEndocrinology / Diabetes / Metabolism
Kimberly S. Withers, CNPEndocrinology / Diabetes / Metabolism