After Surgery

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​​​​​Everything You Need to Know About Recovery and Discharge After Surgery

Once your surgery is over, you will be transferred from the operating room to recovery, sometimes referred to as a post-anesthesia care unit or PACU, until you wake up. Our medical team will monitor your vital signs and address any concerns, such as nausea or discomfort.

Total time spent in the operating and recovery room will depend on the type of surgery you have. In most cases, patients remain in the recovery area for about an hour. Only two visitors are permitted in the recovery area; a hospital representative will escort them to your location. If you need to stay in the recovery area for longer than two hours, additional visitors may visit for a short period of time.

Discharge Following Surgery

If it’s determined you will be discharged following surgery, the medical staff will need to see you progress in these three areas before going home: 

  • Your comfort level is managed. This does not mean you will be pain-free.  
  • Your nausea and vomiting is managed.  
  • You display alertness and are oriented enough to assist in your own dressing and transfer to a wheel chair.  

We recommend that a responsible adult be with you for 24 hours following surgery.