The Christ Hospital Surgery Centers

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​​Specialists and staff at The Christ Hospital Surgery Centers are committed to ensuring a safe and pleasant experience for adults and children requiring outpatient surgical procedures. They are proud to provide you with the best and most personalized patient care available.


Our Surgery Centers are conveniently located on Red Bank Expressway and in Montgomery.

Procedures at the Surgery Centers

Our surgical services are limited to outpatient procedures for children and adults. The following surgical procedures do not require any length of overnight stay:


Medical Procedures at Red Bank

Cosmetic Procedures at Red Bank

Address and directions to the Red Bank Surgery Center

4850 Red Bank Road

Cincinnati, OH 45227

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(513) 272-3448


Medical Procedures at Montgomery

Address and directions to The Christ Hospital Surgery Center – Montgomery

11150 Montgomery Rd

Cincinnati, OH 45249

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(513) 564-8599

View our Virtual Tour of the Montgomery Surgery CenterVirtual Tour features include: ​

  • Physician interviews
  • Patient testimonials
  • Printable materials detailing patient care

The user-friendly virtual tour allows patients to view the Center at their own pace and from the comfort of their own homes.


All surgeries requiring overnight stays are performed at The Christ Hospital in Mt. Auburn or The Christ Hospital Liberty Medical Center.