Classic Cuisine

Interior Content

​It’s not hospital food. It’s a dining experience. 

​We know it’s the little touches that can make your stay with us extraordinary. That’s why we offer Classic Cuisine. It is room service dining that allows you to choose from a restaurant-style menu, with meals delivered within 45 minutes of your order. 

Your service begins with a visit from one of our Classic Cuisine Ambassadors, who will assess your nutritional needs and go over the ordering process. Menus can be customized for patients who have specific requirements, such as a focus on heart health, managing diabetes, limiting carbohydrates and other needs. 

Once your order is placed, our skilled culinary team goes to work cooking your meal to order. It’s served with elegance, on real plates with real silverware. Our Ambassadors will ensure the meal meets your satisfaction. 

Classic Cuisine is part of our patient-focused care, because proper nutrition is an important part of healing. When patients are able to pick foods that suit their tastes, they are more likely to eat what they order and build up their strength. 

​We look forward to serving you!