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The Christ Hospital Simulation Center helps current and future healthcare professionals practice real-life clinical scenarios to improve patient safety and care. With interactive learning, our staff hones skills, refines techniques and obtains tools for communicating information to patients and family members.


Research shows that simulation in medical education not only improves the skills of both clinical and non-clinical staff but also has a significant impact on patient safety and outcomes.

Purpose of the Simulation Center

Our purpose is to provide research-based education and practice of management, leadership, teamwork and skills through in-situ and human patient learning. This is intended to enhance interpersonal communication, crisis resource management, data collection and diagnostic reasoning.

Simulation Center “real life” training and services

Our Simulation Center provides leading-edge technology for teaching and training. The Center features simulation rooms that replicate real facilities at The Christ Hospital, such as patient rooms, physician offices, skills lab and more. 

Simulation involves the use of computerized mannequins. We use human-like patient simulators that mimic a patient’s symptoms and conditions. These “patients” have heartbeats, blink, speak, move, cough and breathe. The mannequin could be a newborn baby with an infection or an adult in cardiac arrest.

Facilitators observe and evaluate the training session and debrief with the staff after the scenario is completed.

Services include:

  • Clinical decision-making
  • Continuing medical education
  • Crisis management
  • Professional development
  • Teamwork training
  • Technical skills training

Location & contact information

Come find out why The Christ Hospital Health Network is a preferred place to work and learn! Anyone interested in in learning more about the services we offer is encouraged to stop by our Simulation Center.  

We are located at:

2139 Auburn Ave.

Cincinnati, Ohio 45219



For more information, contact:

Monica Worrell MSN, RN

Senior Clinical Consultant for Network Learning
Simulation Center
BLS Training Center Coordinator

Megan DeAtley BSN, RN

Senior Clinical Consultant for Network Learning

Simulation Center