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​​​​Transforming care, when it matters most

Our Critical Connections eICU Program provides intensive care unit (ICU) patients with additional support and monitoring by our qualified remote critical care team. This advanced program uses telemedicine technology to monitor every aspect of the patient’s condition – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Critical Connections team does not replace the care provided by a family physician, surgeon or direct care provided your bedside. The program pushes critical care to the next level by providing additional support to ensure the best possible care and alleviate some of the stress experienced during an intensive care stay.

An intensivist is a doctor who specializes in caring for critically ill patients. These specialists work with your physician or surgeon and ICU nurses. But when the intensivist can’t be there every minute, continual care and monitoring are still needed. Rest assured that registered nurses will always be present in the ICU and available to provide immediate care.

For more information, contact Mary Ann​ Nutt, RN, MSN​ or call 513-585-0934.

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