Diabetes and endocrinology conditions treated at The Christ Hospital Health Network

Diabetes is one of the most common hormone disorders but issues with your endocrine system can cause conditions that affect your thyroid, pancreas, pituitary glands or adrenal glands as well.  

Our team of diabetes and endocrinology specialists [Link to Your Care Team tab] offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for a full range of conditions, including:

  • Adrenal gland diseases—conditions that cause your adrenal glands to produce an excess or not enough hormones

  • Cushing’s disease—a condition caused by a growth or tumor of your pituitary gland.

  • Diabetes—a disease that disrupts your blood sugar levels and affects your body’s ability to produce insulin.

  • Gestational diabetes—a type of diabetes that affects pregnant women who did not have the disorder before becoming pregnant.

  • Goiter—abnormal growth or enlargement of your thyroid gland.

  • Graves’ disease—an autoimmune disorder that causes your thyroid gland to over-produce hormones.

  • Hypercalcemia—a condition in which you have excessive calcium in your blood.

  • Hyperparathyroidism—a disorder in which your parathyroid glands produce too much parathyroid hormone.

  • Lipid disorders—conditions caused by too high a level of fats (lipids) in your blood.

  • Osteoporosis—a disease that causes your bones to thin and weaken, make them prone to damage and breakage.

  • Paget’s disease—a condition that causes your bones to grow too large, become weak and break easily.

  • Pituitary diseases—conditions that affect your pituitary gland and cause it to over or under produce the hormones that control the functions of other glands in your body.

  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)—a condition that happens when a woman’s body produces too many male hormones.

  • Testicular dysfunction—conditions that affect a man’s male reproductive system including hormone imbalance, infertility, and sexual dysfunction.

  • Thyroid cancer—cancer that affects your thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland in your neck.

  • Thyroid diseases—diseases that cause your thyroid to over- or under-produce thyroid hormone.

  • Thyroid nodules—abnormal growths or cysts located in your thyroid gland.

  • Vitamin D deficiency—a condition caused by insufficient vitamin D.

We understand that you are more than your disease. Our team works together to ensure you have an accurate, timely diagnosis along with customized treatment [Link to Treatment tab] that’s designed to address all the aspects of your condition—no matter what it is.