​AIM for Wellbeing: Integrative and Functional Medicine

Achieving better health and wellness is a lifelong journey. It's easier to reach your destination with people you trust for direction and support along the way.

The Christ Hospital Health Network has partnered with AIM for Wellbeing (formerly Alliance for Integrative Medicine) to redefine modern wellness in Greater Cincinnati. AIM is an established local practice with decades of experience providing evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) alongside conventional healthcare.

Led by practice founders Steve Amoils, MD, and Sandi Amoils, MD, AIM for Wellness and its team of providers offer a broad range of integrative and functional medicine services focused on bringing harmony to health and healing. Proactive and preventive therapies are designed to take a scientific, holistic approach to improving and restoring health.

AIM for Wellbeing also offers a full line of nutritional supplements curated by Drs. Sandi and Steve Amoils to support your wellness goals. Remember to always discuss nutritional supplements with all your care providers to understand how they may interact with prescriptions and over-the-counter medications you are taking.

To learn more about AIM for Wellbeing or to schedule a consultation, visit AIMtoGetWell.com or call 513-791-5521.

AIM for Wellbeing
6400 E. Galbraith Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236

What are functional medicine and integrative medicine?

Functional medicine is a patient-centered approach to help the body and all its systems work in the best way possible. It looks for the root causes of disease by examining factors like lifestyle, diet, sleep, environment, and emotional health. Functional medicine draws on conventional medicine and evidence-based alternative treatments to support long-term health.

Integrative medicine is a coordinated approach to provide conventional Western medicine together with complementary therapies like acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, nutrition, and mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR).

AIM for Wellbeing Focus Areas

  • Allergies & Sensitivities

  • Digestive Health

  • Fatigue

  • Hormonal & Metabolic Balance

  • Immune Health

  • Non-Opioid Pain Management

  • Stress

  • Wellness and Well-Being

AIM for Wellbeing Treatment Areas

  • ACE Healing Treatment (Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and Energy Healing)

  • Medical Acupuncture

  • Advanced Allergy Therapeutics

  • Chiropractic Home

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Energy Healing

  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent

  • Functional Medicine

  • Medical Massage Therapy

  • Mindfulness Stress Reduction Groups

  • Nutrition Counseling

  • Prolotherapy

  • Rolfing

All services provided by AIM for Wellbeing are cash-based.