The Christ Hospital Physicians – Hematology

Hematology is the medical field that studies blood and treats disorders of the blood. Our hematology specialists are knowledgeable in all types of blood disorders, including anemia, blood clotting disorders and blood cancers.

At The Christ Hospital Health Network, our hematology team is led by fellowship-trained, board-certified hematologists – physicians who completed years of medical training to become experts in blood disorders. This group also includes hematologists who are specially trained to care for blood cancers – called hematologist-oncologists.

Our comprehensive care team also includes advanced practice providers, hematopathologists, genetic specialists, radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, oncology nurses, pain specialists, lymphedema therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, dietitians, exercise specialists and social workers. These providers work with your physician to manage every aspect of the care you need seamlessly.

Our hematologists and hematologist-oncologists care for patients at The Christ Hospital Cancer Center in Cincinnati. They also work from our outpatient centers in Anderson and Red Bank.

Services provided by The Christ Hospital Physicians-Hematology team include diagnostics and treatment for blood cancers and blood disorders such as:

  • Leukemia

  • Lymphoma

  • Multiple myeloma

  • Anemia

  • Hemophilia 

When is it time to see a hematology specialist?

If a diagnostic test reveals you have a blood disorder, you may be referred to a hematologist. A hematologist is the right person to see for your care because their special knowledge of blood diseases allows them to better evaluate your condition. You'll receive precise, skilled care from them.

If you haven't been referred to a hematologist but think you might benefit from their expertise, ask your doctor for a referral to one of our physicians [Link to new Hematology Team webpage], or you can call our patient scheduling line at 513-585-3000, option 6.

Why choose The Christ Hospital Health Network?

Our hematology team is fully equipped to treat all blood cancers and blood disorders. They combine advanced medicine with compassionate care. Their high degree of experience means you can rely on them to deliver top-tier treatment and support.

We are also known for our exceptional support services. These services, which include nutritional support, integrative medicine, and support groups, can enhance your treatment and quality of life.