The Christ Hospital Physicians - Surgical Oncology

Surgical oncology is a subspecialty of general surgery devoted to treating patients with both cancerous and noncancerous tumors. The Christ Hospital Physicians-Surgical Oncology is a highly skilled team that is dedicated to delivering the very best care using innovative cancer surgery methods and technologies. They work side by side with the rest of your cancer care team to make sure you receive proper treatment for your individual condition.

Our surgeons are fellowship-trained and board-certified and have many years of experience managing cancerous and noncancerous tumors. In addition to removing tumors, they assist with diagnosing cancer through surgical biopsy.

As specialty surgeons, they received extra training to become experts in cancer surgery. Some also completed training in other surgical specialties, including colon and rectal surgery, gynecologic oncology, neurosurgery, ear, nose and throat surgery, thoracic surgery, and urology.

Our surgeons see patients at our offices in The Christ Hospital Medical Office Building in Cincinnati, The Christ Hospital Outpatient Center - Red Bank, and The Christ Hospital Surgery Center – Montgomery.

Surgical oncology care at The Christ Hospital Health Network includes treatment for many different types of cancer, including:

When is it time to see a surgical oncology specialist?

All cancer care teams include surgical oncology specialists. You may be referred to a surgical oncology specialist if you have a tumor that your physician team determines should be removed through surgery. You may also see a surgical oncology specialist for diagnosis through surgical biopsy.

If your cancer treatment plan includes surgery, you may receive radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy before surgery, which shrinks the tumor and makes it easier to remove during the procedure.

If you have just been diagnosed with cancer and are interested in receiving a second opinion regarding your surgical treatment, contact our new patient scheduling line at 513-585-3000, option 6, to learn how to make an appointment with one of our specialists.

Why choose The Christ Hospital Health Network?

Our surgical oncology specialists offer many advanced treatments not offered elsewhere in the region. Our breast surgical and radiation oncologists offer 1-day breast cancer radiation treatment called intraoperativeradiation therapy or IORT, to qualified patients. IORT delivers a very concentrated dose of radiation at the same time as a patient's lumpectomy. IORT shortens treatment time, is healthier for surrounding tissues and has a reduced risk of occurrence. Our breast cancer surgery specialists are also known for their advanced oncoplastic surgery techniques, which combine the latest plastic surgery and surgical oncology methods. This includes breast preservation and tissue flap options.