Lab Draw and Pre-Surgical Testing Centers

Whether you need routine urine or blood tests, or pre-surgery testing completed, the Lab Draw and Pre-Surgical Testing Centers at The Christ Hospital offer convenient lab services close to home. We provide multiple lab locations in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky communities for quick and easy access. 

At The Christ Hospital, our Lab Draw and Pre-Surgical Testing Centers are committed to safely processing and fulfilling all of your lab needs. For all lab draws and pre-surgical testing, we require:  

  • A written or electronic order from your doctor or another licensed provider. 

  • Your picture identification to ensure all tests and results are reported securely.

For routine lab work, not related to your surgery, walk-ins are welcome on a first-come, first-serve basis for most services. See below for special considerations.

Services available for lab draw and pre-surgical testing 

Many physicians order regular bloodwork to have an ongoing, comprehensive picture of their patient’s health. The Lab Draw and Pre-Surgical Testing Centers are here to meet the needs of your busy life. Our routine services include blood draws, urine testing and stool sample collection. 

If you are having a surgical procedure done at The Christ Hospital, pre-surgical testing is required to ensure that our experts have a complete overview of your health. Most surgeries also require a physical, which your physician will discuss with you. 

Pre-surgery testing can include services like X-ray or electrocardiogram (EKG) in addition to blood draws and a urine sample. By calling our pre-surgery testing coordinator at 513-585-2418, the coordinator will let you know what tests are necessary and which pre-surgery testing center location will best fit your pre-surgery testing needs.  

Special considerations for lab testing 

If you or a loved one will be coming to one of our testing centers, please review these special considerations to make your experience go smoothly and get the most accurate results:

  • Fasting—If your test requires fasting, you should not eat or drink anything other than water for at least eight hours before arriving at the testing center. 

  • Glucose testing—Glucose tests require up to a three-hour time commitment for a series of blood draws. Please plan to start your testing early in the day to allow for multiple blood draws. 

  • Stool samples— In the event your provider orders a stool sample, stop by one of our convenient testing center locations where you will be given a container specific to the test ordered by your provider. You need to obtain your stool sample at home, and return the sample to the lab.  The lab will provide you with storage instructions that need to be followed, prior to returning to the lab.  All samples should also be labeled with your name, date of birth and the date it was collected. 

  • Drop-offs—While some test samples can be obtained at home (such as stool samples), specimens need to be correctly checked in when you drop them off. Please allow time for our staff to properly label and process your specimen to ensures that your physician’s orders are followed. 

  • Special handling—Some samples require special handling and may not be performed at specific times. 

    • Genetic testing cannot be performed on Fridays because of shipping requirements. 

    • Frozen or refrigerated samples may not be performed late in the day during hot weather, due to courier limitations. 

Some tests are not available at the lab draw sites. We do not perform:

  • Tuberculosis (TB) testing

  • Rapid strep tests

  • Fingerstick lab tests such as cholesterol or prothrombin time (PT) testing

  • Court ordered drug testing

Why choose The Christ Hospital Health Network 

If you are having surgery at The Christ Hospital, our surgical coordinator will call you to discuss any necessary testing that must be completed before surgery. If you need routine or pre-surgery lab work, our skilled phlebotomists at any of our Lab Draw and Pre-Surgical Testing Centers will quickly complete your blood draw and get you back to your busy life. 

Our patients choose The Christ Hospital Lab Draw and Pre-Surgical Testing Centers for a variety of reasons, including: 

  • We offer quick, coordinated testing at a variety of convenient Tristate locations. We accept written or electronic orders from your physician. 

  • All of your labs and pre-surgery testing results will be posted to your patient portal as soon as they are available, giving both you and your physician real-time results. 

  • Our Lab Draw and Pre-Surgical Testing Centers work with your specialists to ensure all of the proper testing is completed before your surgery. 

  • When your physician orders your testing at The Christ Hospital, the orders and results can be accessed at any time by a member of your healthcare team.