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​​​​Equity and Inclusion for Patients and Families

Our commitment to equity and inclusion is firmly rooted in our patient- and family-centered model of care. We strive to treat each person with dignity and respect, incorporating patient and family cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and values into the planning and delivery of care.

These are just a few examples of our work to improve the healthcare experience for the many diverse communities in Greater Cincinnati.

Reducing infant mortality

The Christ Hospital joined the Cradle Cincinnati initiative in 2012 to address the infant mortality rate in Hamilton County, which had ranked among the worst 10% in the country. This collaboration is working to reduce racial inequities in care and towards a goal of every infant born in Hamilton County living to see their first birthday. In 2016, The Christ Hospital was named a Gold Safe Sleep Champion by the National Safe Sleep Hospital Certification Program for implementing new best practices and extensive staff and parent education on safer sleep for infants. 

We are proud to join Cradle Cincinnati's newest initiative – the Mama Certified program – specifically designed to provide equitable access to care for Black parents and babies of color.

Care for Hispanic and Latino patients

Greater Cincinnati's Hispanic and Latino populations have distinct medical and cultural needs. Through extensive training, we ensure team members understand the differences in languages, traditions, beliefs and health conditions specifically related to our ethnically diverse Hispanic and Latino patients.

South Asian heart care

People from South Asia have a unique risk for heart disease. With forward-thinking leadership and a compassion for caring for all, we created a South Asian cardiovascular clinic to address this specific need in our community.

LGBTQIA+ patients

The Christ Hospital has long embraced the belief that our patients define who their family is to them. Family, to us, refers to two or more people who are related in any way – biologically, legally, or emotionally. Because we know having your loved ones included in your care is vital to the healing process.

As part of our ongoing commitment to caring for our LGBTQIA+ patients, we have upgraded our electronic medical record system to include sexual orientation, gender identity, preferred name, and pronouns. Providing this information is voluntary and can create an open dialogue to deliver care that is personalized to you.

Our medical staff also includes a number of providers who specialize in LGBTQIA+ health, ensuring a safe space for open conversations about physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Faith and spiritual care

Faith and spirituality are an important part of the healing process for many families during their hospital care. Pastoral services works in partnership with medical staff to provide spiritual care to patients and families of all faiths and backgrounds. In addition to providing worship services and sacramental ministry, our pastoral services staff can collaborate with ordained clergy from all faiths and act as a liaison between the hospital and community congregations to coordinate spiritual care. 

Outpatient Clinics

Our Outpatient Clinics have a long history of providing exceptional care to anyone in the region, regardless of their ability to pay. Our providers include licensed clinical physicians in residency programs who see patients under the supervision of Christ Hospital physicians working in various specialties. Our Outpatient Clinics provide care for internal medicine, heart failure, podiatry, and women's services.

Language and interpreter services

Qualified interpreters, translation services and information written in other languages are available to patients whose primary language is not English. Qualified sign language interpreters, written information in various media including braille, and other aids are available for people with disabilities. For more information or to request these services, contact Patient and Guest Services at 513-585-1200.

Click here to read our Notice of Nondiscrimination and Accessibility Requirements.