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​​​​​​​​​Saving Lives In Greater Cincinnati​

Project Heart ReStart was launched on May 31, 2006, when 17 AEDs were given to non-profit organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area.  Today, the program is a community outreach program of The Christ Hospital, dedicated to reducing the death rate of sudden cardiac arrest in G​​reater Cincinnati.  The program provides CPR and AED training, increased access to publicly-placed AEDs and builds awareness of sudden cardiac arrest.


Statistics suggest sudden cardiac arrest survival in the region may be as low as 5%. For sudden cardiac arrest and heart attack victims who collapse at home or in a public place, the chance of receiving bystander CPR in many communities is as low as 11.5%.  This is important because bystander CPR, performed prior to the arrival of EMS, could help save 25% or more sudden cardiac arrest victims.  


As of today, Project Heart ReStart has provided 210 AEDs to non-profit organizations in Greater Cincinnati and provided CPR training to more than 4200 people.  The program supports placement of AEDs in locations with significant exposure to people—locations with many employees, volunteers, and/or visitors.


Fortunately, using an AED and performing CPR are not skills that you will use everyday.  However, your knowledge and skill could mean a lifetime for the victim, who is likely to be someone you know such a co-worker or relative. When that time comes, will you be ready? 


To apply for an AED for your organization, click here.  

For information on maintaining an AED, click here.​


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