Sending Mail, Packages or Flowers

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​​Mail and package delivery  

All mail, including packages addressed to a patient will be delivered to his or her room. Packages received after discharge will be forwarded to the patient’s home.  

Flower delivery

We understand that sending flowers to family or friends is a nice way to show your love and concern. For most patients, there are no restrictions on having flowers delivered to their hospital room; however, for patients in our intensive care units (SICU, MICU, CVICU), on our oncology and transplant units and in our behavioral health unit, the following restrictions apply:

  • Fresh, silk and artificial flowers and plants are not permitted in the intensive care unit patient rooms. 
  • Flowers delivered to the behavioral health unit must be in a container that is deemed safe. Glass vases are prohibited.
  • It is recommended that immunocompromised patients (e.g. oncology and organ transplants) should not receive fresh flowers/plants, unless approved by the physician. Please check with patient information before sending
  • All other patients may receive flowers/plants unless otherwise indicated by his/her physician. ​Our volunteers will check to see if your loved one is still here before accepting flowers. If the patient has been discharged, they will ask the florist to deliver to the patient’s home. ​