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​​​Cardio-Oncology Services

Cancer patients are living longer with their disease and, in many cases, being cured at higher rates than ever before. To achieve such success, it is important that patients receive their full, planned doses during treatment and be monitored for complications during and after treatment. Cancer and heart doctors now recognize the importance of managing and preventing heart problems in both of these settings.

The Christ Hospital Cardio-Oncology Clinic​ provides advanced resources for cancer patients at a higher risk for the development of heart complications, and for ongoing support during and after treatment.

Cardiotoxicity can limit successful treatment and so doctors identify cancer patients at risk for heart complications, and take steps to prevent problems from happening. When heart problems develop during treatment, doctors look to treat the problem successfully and quickly with little interruption in the patient’s cancer treatment. Lastly, cancer patients are often at higher risk for vascular complication as they age and need to be followed very closely years and even decades after their initial treatment.

Patients who may benefit from the Cardio-Oncology clinic include those who:

  1. Are receiving treatment that is toxic or potentially cardio-toxic chemotherapy

  2. Have been diagnosed with unusual cancers with cardiac implications (carcinoid) 

  3. Have typical cardiac disease, whose issues overlap with their cancer type

  4. Have risk factors such as diabetes, smoker (current or previous), hypertension, history of previous heart issues or abnormal lipids along with cancer

  5. Are receiving newer treatments with rare but fatal cardiac effects (many new biologic treatments)

  6. Are cancer survivors — this group is at higher risk for CAD and valve disease, and the biggest late cause of death is cardiac-related.

The Cardio-Oncologist will work closely with your oncologist and keep them up date on your care. 

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The clinic currently is available in Anderson, Green Township, Liberty Township, Montgomery and in Mt. Auburn. For more information or to refer a patient, please call 513-206-1061.  

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