COVID-19 Vaccine Documentation with MyChart​

If you've lost your vaccine card and need documentation indicating that you received your COVID-19 vaccine, you can access your record through MyChart. You can even use the MyChart app so the documentation is always with you on your mobile phone. To navigate to your vaccine record inside of MyChart:

  • Login using your username or password. (If you don't have a MyChart account, activate it here.)

  • Click Menu

  • Click COVID-19 (under the My Record heading).

  • You should see a "COVID-19 vaccination complete" message in green. To see additional detail about your vaccine, click the down arrow.

  • To print your vaccination record, select the orange "Download/Export" button. You can then save the PDF to your mobile device or computer and print if needed. 

  • If you're still having trouble accessing your vaccination record, click to see our tip sheet with visuals.

  • If you're using the MyChart app and don't see a "COVID-19 vaccination complete" message, go to the App Store or Google Play and download the latest version of MyChart.

Adding Your COVID-19 Vaccination Info into MyChart

You are now able to submit your COVID Vaccine Information through MyChart in a few different ways. 

  • You can check state and local registries, like the Ohio Department of Health, that we have synced with MyChart for vaccinations that were not received at The Christ Hospital Health Network. This will allow you to automatically verify your vaccination information if all the information below is present:

    • Your vaccination has a status of received, along with a valid administration date and lot number.

    • The identifying information matches your information in MyChart, including name, date of birth, sex, and address or phone number.

  • If you check these registries and your vaccine information is available BUT cannot be verified, you can confirm or discard it. This happens when not all the information noted above has been received.

  • If your vaccine information is NOT available after you check the state and local registries, you can manually update it through a questionnaire and submit it for review. 

If you'd like more detailed instructions about adding your COVID-19 vaccination information into MyChart, you can view our tip sheet with visual instructions.