Pharmacy Residency FAQs

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​​​​Is the residency accredited? 

Yes, the PGY1 Pharmacy Residency program is ASHP accredited.

How many positions are there?


What are the required learning experiences?

There are seven traditional month long required learning experiences:  ambulatory care, cardiology, critical care, drug information/drug policy, emergency medicine, infectious diseases, and internal medicine.  There are also several required longitudinal experiences including pharmacy practice management, research, pharmacy services, transition of care, and education and communication.  Residents are also required to complete a one month orientation period in July.

How many elective learning experiences does each resident complete? 

The residency provides for three months of elective learning experiences which are typically scheduled in the second half of the residency year. Potential electives include academic, antimicrobial stewardship , palliative care, kidney transplantation, oncology and the repeating of a required rotation such as critical care or internal medicine.

Do the residents attend professional conferences throughout the residency year?  

Yes, the pharmacy residents will attend the ASHP Midyear meeting and a regional resident conference. 

Does The Christ Hospital support travel to conferences?  

The Christ Hospital will reimburse the pharmacy residents for travel to the ASHP Midyear meeting and to the regional resident conference.

How are the residents evaluated?

The program utilizes a competency-based approach to evaluation of resident performance of the program’s educational goals and objectives, resident self-assessment of their performance, and resident evaluations of preceptor performance and of the program.  The PharmAcademic system will be utilized for all residency related evaluations.   Residents are evaluated by each preceptor considering 1) how the resident compares to an individual with the same level of training or experience and 2) the level of improvement in the skill since the last performance.  

What projects or presentations are required in addition to daily clinical activities?  

Each resident will be responsible for completing a research project over the course of the year as well as one medication use evaluation. Each resident will also present to the internal medicine residents at one noon conference, as well as two continuing education programs to the pharmacy staff. The residents are also required to complete drug information questions and contribute to the P&T newsletter which is distributed quarterly.  The residents also have responsibilities with preparing the agendas and taking minutes for various pharmacy meetings.

What teaching opportunities are available? 

 Residents are required to complete the University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy Teaching Certificate Program.  This program will provide them with a broad understanding of issues in pharmacy education and opportunities to enhance their teaching skills.   It has been constructed for residents to gain knowledge in educational theory, develop experience in teaching in various instructional settings, and document and reflect upon their teaching activities.  An academic elective is also offered for additional experience in academia.

Will I need an Ohio pharmacy license?  

Yes, you are required to be licensed within 90 days after the start of the residency.

Does this program participate in the match? 

Yes, we participate in the match.

When is the application deadline?

Please refer to PhORCAS for application deadline.

How do I submit my application material?   

The Christ Hospital residency program utilizes the PhORCAS system to manage a​pplication materials.  All materials need to be uploaded and submitted through PhORCAS.

Is an interview required?  

Yes, an on-site interview is required.

When will interviews take place?  

Interviews will take place during the last week of January through the last week of February.

When does the residency begin and end?  

The Residency is a 12 month commitment and will begin on July 1 of each year. Residents must go through hospital orientation and thus, may be required to attend hospital orientation at the end of June, prior to the start of the residency.

What is the stipend?

The stipend for the 2015-2016 residency year is $43,000.  This may change in subsequent years.

Is staffing required?  

The resident is required to staff 20 weekends during the residency year.  This is approximately every other weekend with 2 weekends off.​

How much vacation time is available?​

The resident is provided 15 days of vacation/sick time during the year.

Will the residency program be showcased at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting?

Yes, the Residency is showcased at the ASHP Midyear Meeting. 

What does it mean that The Christ Hospital is a drug and nicotine free workplace?

Upon hire, all hospital employees must pass a drug and nicotine screen in order to be employed by The Christ Hospital.

What sort of guidance/mentorship will each resident receive?

Residents are paired with a mentor of their choosing, who serves as an additional go-to person for questions and support, outside of the residency program director. While on service, residents are mentored by our preceptors.