Joe's Story

Joe Kohl, an information technology manager, was sitting at his desk at work when his chest started to burn.

"The burning was intense," he recalled. "I got really thirsty. I was sweating, feeling bad, and in a lot of pain. I told my boss something was wrong, that I was probably having a heart attack." His boss called 911, and Joe was taken to The Christ Hospital.

After he was stabilized, physicians asked Joe if he would participate in a study that could strengthen his heart and help prevent another heart attack in the future. The regenerative cell therapy study is available locally only at The Christ Hospital.

Regenerative cell therapy, a one-time treatment, infuses adult stem cells into the damaged weakened areas of the heart, allowing new cells to repair, restore, and even replace the damaged heart muscle with healthy heart issue.

"The doctors told me it was a new treatment, and I was a little worried. But they talked me through the process, and I'm very glad I did it," he said. 

"This revolutionary method of treatment may boost the heart's natural healing ability, improving the patient's overall strength and function," said Dr. Kereiakes. Joe said the treatment, along with lifestyle changes that have included losing more than 100 pounds, has helped him stay healthy.

"The day I had my heart attack was a very scary day, and the heart team pulled me through," he said. "There are other good hospitals in town, but when it comes to your heart, there's no better place than The Christ Hospital."