​Other Ways to Give

As a not-for-profit organization, The Christ Hospital Health Network relies upon charitable donations to ensure exceptional patient care and experiences. Your tax-deductible gift may be designated to a specific program at The Christ Hospital Health Network that you are passionate about, or you can make an unrestricted donation that will support the greatest needs of the institution. 

Make your gift today by clicking Donate Online at the top right of the page, or by sending a check to:   

The Christ Hospital Foundation                                       

2123 Auburn Avenue, Suite 528           

Cincinnati, OH 45219                  

For assistance, please call Rita Spicker at 513-585-4128. 

Donations can be made in a variety of ways:

Donate Cash or Securities

The simplest and most immediate way to make a difference in lives at The Christ Hospital Health Network is to donate by check or credit card.

Another option is to give a gift of appreciated securities, which may provide significant tax benefits, as the gift is usually tax-deductible in the year it is made.  For assistance with a securities donation, please contact Rita Spicker at 513-585-4128. 

You can also leave a legacy gift at this link.

Leverage Matching Gifts

Many companies match charitable gifts made by their employees and retirees. Contact your company's HR department to learn if your company matches charitable contributions to hospitals, and how you might be able to increase the value of your individual donation.

Kroger Community Rewards

You can support The Christ Hospital Health Network every time you shop at Kroger. Register your Kroger Plus Card online and a portion of your purchases will be directed to the hospital to support patient care, research and education.                                                      

To participate in the Kroger Community Rewards program, go to:

https://www.kroger.com/communityrewards, create a digital account, and select The Christ Hospital Foundation as your charitable organization.                                                    

If you already have a digital account, login to https://www.kroger.com/communityrewards, click "Community Rewards," and select The Christ Hospital Foundation as your charitable organization.                   

How do I register for a digital account?

Creating a digital account is as simple as 1, 2, 3! Simply visit Kroger.com or download the Kroger Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play, and follow these directions:

1.     Select the "Register" button.

2.     Enter your information.

3.     Select "Create Account."

Please make sure that you add your Plus Card number or create a virtual Card number while registering your digital account. This is required for the Community Rewards program so that your transactions apply toward the organization you choose.        

How do I select an organization?

Selecting the organization that you wish to support is as simple as updating the Community Rewards selection on your digital account.

1.     Sign in to your digital account.

2.     Select "My Account."

3.     Scroll down to the "Community Rewards" section of your account page.

4.     Select "Enroll Now" or "Edit."

5.     Enter The Christ Hospital Foundation or #83558 as the organization you wish to support.

6.     Select the appropriate organization from the list and click "Save."

The Christ Hospital Foundation will now display in the Community Rewards section of your account! Thank you for your support!