Cardiology Center of Excellence

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Welcome to World-Class Cardiovascular Care!

Welcome to the Cincinnati Incorporated Cardiology Center of Excellence (COE) at The Christ Hospital where we provide world-class heart and vascular care to Cincinnati Incorporated health plan participants. You will receive the finest patient care experiences, exceptional clinical outcomes, and significant cost savings through incentives for health plan members.

This partnership with The Heart & Vascular Institute at The Christ Hospital began April 1, 2021 and includes nationally recognized cardiologists—specialists and subspecialists, private rooms with comfortable space for family and visitors, state-of-the-art operating rooms, and on-site laboratory services.

Members receive only one bill and explanation of benefits, which includes fees for the facility, surgeons, and other ancillary costs during the hospital stay or visit. The health plan waives the out-of-pocket costs for members utilizing the COE for included procedures.

Let's Get Started!

To get started with the enrollment and eligibility process, please call 513-263-9194 or send an email to us at We will collect some information, confirm your eligibility, and begin the process of enrolling you into the program. After the completion of this call, the Cardiac Care Navigator will contact you to discuss the specifics of the program, assist you with questions, and help with scheduling appointments. You may also contact your Human Resources representative regarding specific member incentives for utilizing theCincinnati Incorporated Cardiology Center of Excellence.

Covered Procedures

The Christ Hospital Cardiology Center of Excellence programs offers a comprehensive suite of procedures and services where members have access to nationally recognized specialist and sub-specialists. These procedures include cardiac catheterization and stents, pacemakers and various electrophysiology procedures, as well as bypass and valve procedures. The Christ Hospital Cardiac Navigator is there to help triage each patient's unique situation and connect them with the appropriate specialist to determine the most appropriate care path.