Family lounges

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​Family Lounges and Resource Centers

We offer lounges and other areas for relaxation throughout the hospital, including visitor lounges on most patient units. If you’d like to step outside for fresh air, we offer roof gardens on Level 1 of the Heart Center and by Coffee Creations (both are located near the Heart Center elevators) or on Level A off the Atrium Lobby.

If your loved one is scheduled for surgery, we offer a large family lounge on Level B near the surgery check-in desk. Please introduce yourself to our staff upon check-in. We will show you how you can track progress during the procedure and coordinate a meeting with the physician after surgery.

We also offer family resource centers to provide a relaxing atmosphere and clinical information, education and Internet access.

  • Level D, Cancer Center
  • Level C, Heart Center near registration and diagnostic services
  • 4 West, Oncology Care Unit
  • 7 West, Medical Intensive Care Unit
  • Medical Office Building, Suite 324, Women’s Imaging Center