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MyChart | & Our NEW Patient Mobile App

For years, patients have used MyChart to easily and conveniently manage their healthcare online. And, now, we're offering those same experiences (and then some) through The Christ Hospital Health Network patient mobile app. Our app has many of the same features you've come to love and expect from MyChart but with a modern design – and the flexibility for new, custom features – like 24/7 on-demand video visitsWhether you prefer to manage your healthcare on a computer through MyChart or on-the-go through our new mobile app, both patient portals allow you access to your medical records, self-service tools, care and advice. 

Ready to get started?

MyChart & App Features

Access information 

  • Review your test results. Test results (both normal and abnormal) are now available in our patient portals as soon as they're available from our lab and imaging departments. This means you may see test results before your provider has had a chance to review them. Reference these helpful tips in advance of your next test.

  • Review your clinical notes. You are now able to see clinical notes that your healthcare team documents about your care. 

  • Access other medical records including medication and immunizations.

  • Review your family members' health information through proxy access.

  • Access your MyChart data through third-party apps like Apple Health and the CommonHealth app on Android phones. 

Access self-service tools

  • Schedule your next appointment, screening or urgent care visit. Online scheduling is available for nearly 300 providers. 

  • View details of tests and appointments you had in the past, see what's planned for the future, or cancel with 24-hours' notice.

  • eCheck-In up to seven days prior to your appointment. This will allow you to update your allergies, medication list and other information before walking into the office. (To gain the full benefits of this feature, turn on location services to receive notifications as you approach your provider's building!)

  • Get estimates for your care and pay your bill

  • Send a refill request for any of your refillable prescription medications.

  • Pre-register for your labor & delivery

Access care & advice

  • Conduct an E-visit. E-Visits allow you to send secure messages about certain conditions to your provider, who will evaluate your symptoms, reply with medical advice, and submit prescriptions to your pharmacy when needed.

  • Acesss a 24/7 Video Visit:  Video visits are similar to E-Visits – but you'll be able to see and speak to your provider in real time through your computer or mobile device. With 24/7 Video Visits, you can see a provider on-demand, 24/7/365 for common conditions like colds, cough, rashes, eye irritation and more. No appointment or previous visit with our network is required. **Only available through our website or patient mobile app**

  • Access a Scheduled Video VisitFrom chronic care to follow-ups, scheduled video visits with your provider allow you to get the care you need without a trip to the office. To schedule, call the office directly. Some providers also offer scheduling through MyChart or app. 

  • Communicate with your care team. Get answers to your non-urgent medical questions without making a trip to the office or waiting for a return phone call. You can usually expect an answer in less than two business days.

Getting started 

  • With MyChart:  Register online using the activation code you were given by your doctor. Once you've signed up for MyChart, you will not need the activation code. No activation code? Call your doctor to get one or request an activation code online. 

  • With our patient mobile app:  Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Login using your MyChart username and password. If you don't have a MyChart account, click Sign Up after downloading the app.