​Information Security Tips for Patients

The Christ Hospital has been working to provide you with convenient access to care and services during this period of uncertainty through enhanced technology solutions such as the Patient App, telehealth and MyChart. While clinical care outside of the traditional setting allows for additional physical safety and convenience, it also introduces data security and privacy risks that malicious groups aim to take advantage of. 

To address these concerns, The Christ Hospital is constantly vetting our implementation of technology to ensure that your data is protected. You also play a critical role in data protection when communicating with us through technology. Here are some tips for using our services safely and securely:

  • Configure your computers, mobile devices, and applications with strong passwords or biometric locks. 

  • Never share your passwords with others. 

  • Install a reputable antivirus product on your computer and make sure all software is up to date. 

  • Encrypt devices and other media that contain sensitive information. 

  • Try to avoid connecting to the public internet while working with sensitive web-based services. 

  • Secure your home network. 

  • You can do a video visit from almost anywhere, but make sure you are in a place with sufficient privacy, such as behind a closed door so you have control over who can hear the conversation. 

  • Maintain a healthy skepticism of unsolicited emails, text messages or phone calls related to COVID-19 and always validate legitimacy before providing information. 

Please reach out to your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns related to our services.