​MyChart Clinical Notes & Test Results

Now access your clinical notes and receive immediate access to test results through MyChart or The Christ Hospital's Patient App

We know how important it is for you to have timely and convenient access to your healthcare information – so we rolled out two new MyChart features we think you'll find helpful.

1) Clinical notes are now available to you.

To ensure transparency, you are now able to see clinical notes that your provider and healthcare team, including nurses and medical assistants, document about your care. Examples include: progress notes, history & physicals, discharge summaries, procedure notes and consult notes. We encourage you to review your notes and discuss any questions you may have with your provider (you can find the notes under Appointments, then Past Appointments). This is just one more way you and your provider can collaborate on your care.

2) Test results are now available as soon as they're complete.

  • Test results (both normal and abnormal) are now available in MyChart and the Patient App as soon as they're available from our lab, pathology, and imaging departments. This means you may see test results before your provider has had a chance to review them. Here are some helpful tips and resources you may want to reference in advance of receiving test results:

  • Results can be "Negative" or "Unremarkable." This is the same as "Normal."

  • Results can be "H" for "high" or "L" for "low," indicating "outside of normal range." Very often, such results are not a reason to worry.

  • We will contact patients with serious findings as quickly as we can, but we cannot guarantee any specific timeframe, as we are sometimes caring for patients in the office or surgical suites when test results come through.

  • Because of possible worrisome findings, some patients may elect to wait a day or two for their provider to contact them (online message, phone call, mailed letter), before looking at their results.  

  • We will aim to discuss possible results at the time of ordering the test, so you know what to expect.

  • Some patients and providers will arrange a follow-up visit (video visit or in-person visit) to discuss the results.

  • If you have an immediate concern after reviewing your test results, you can message or call your provider's office. Otherwise we prefer that you wait 1–2 days for us to contact you to discuss your results (or we may discuss them at your next appointment).

  • Patients who choose to look at their results immediately may feel comfortable researching answers online. Here are some helpful internet resources you can use to read more about specific tests:


If you have any questions about these changes, just ask your provider.  We look forward to providing even more digital health advancements like these in the future.