Sadhana Bhandari, MD

Sadhana Bhandari, MD


Internal Medicine

Dr. Bhandari specializes in internal medicine primary care. She is a board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Dr. Bhandari received her medical degree from the Government Medical College and completed her residency at Jewish Hospital-Cincinnati.

Dr. Bhandari was born and raised in India. Her father was a career army officer and her mother was an educator. Being in the army and transferred every two to three years throughout her childhood instilled the values of hard work, adaptability and sportsmanship in Dr. Bhandari.

Dr. Bhandari came to Cincinnati in 1980 for her husband. They now have two children and one daughter-in-law. In her free time Dr. Bhandari enjoys hiking, cooking, traveling and relaxing with friends.

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Practice Name

  • The Christ Hospital Physicians - Primary Care


  • Female

Languages Spoken

  • English

Board Certification

  • Am Bd of Internal Medicine (Internal Medicine)


  • Government Medical College(Professional Education)
  • Jewish Hospital(Residency Program)


Primary Location

Springfield Twp (Compton Road)
The Christ Hospital Physicians - Primary Care

24 Compton Rd.
Suite 205

Cincinnati, OH 45216

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39.2162205 -84.4750956
Phone: 513-761-2776 513-761-2776
Fax: 513-679-4866
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Internal Medicine