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​​​​​​​Partnership-driven Healthcare Solutions​

The Christ Hospital’s Clinically Integrated Network is a physician-led network with more than 565 employed and independent physicians in the greater Cincinnati area.

As healthcare evolves to improve quality outcomes while controlling costs, The Christ Hospital Clinically Integrated Network is preparing to serve patients, employers, payors and the community in new ways:

  • Patients gain access to high quality, integrated, comprehensive healthcare services.
  • Physicians gain the opportunity to identify and measure best practices, improve outcomes for their patients and receive financial rewards for their positive clinical outcomes and cost control achievements.
  • ​Hospitals gain an aligned group of physicians working to control costs, improve quality and achieve pay-for-performance targets.
  • ​​Payors and employers gain partners who share their goals of better quality and cost efficiency.​

“In the years ahead, physicians and hospitals must partner more closely than ever before to ensure that the community receives the highest quality and value. As we move from today’s fee-for-service reimbursement models to new performance- and value-based pay models, our Clinically Integrated Network enables healthcare providers to join together to enhance the health of our community.” 

–  Thomas J. Redington, MD Medical Director, 

​​The Christ Hospital Clinically Integrated Network​

What is a Clinically Integrated Network?
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