Brain and nervous system cancer treatment at The Christ Hospital Health Network

If you have a brain or spinal cord tumor, it's natural to have many questions and concerns. You know you need treatment, and you may need it quickly, but you're in unfamiliar territory that can feel overwhelming.

At The Christ Hospital Health Network, we provide the answers and compassion you expect. And we offer the innovative treatments you deserve.

Your treatment plan will be crafted by our cancer care team, which includes medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, neurosurgeons and neurologists. Together they create a customized treatment plan that will attack your cancer as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Sophisticated treatment options

We offer some of the most advanced medical, surgical and radiation treatments available.

These include:

  • Stereotactic biopsies and resections

  • Highly accurate stereotactic radiosugical techniques using Edge technology

  • Precision medicine tailoring your treatment based on genetic testing

  • Hyperbaric oxygen treatments

  • Clinical trials

You may supplement your treatments with our wide range of support services. These include stress management, transportation help and palliative care that can help relieve pain, fatigue and other symptoms.