Breast Cancer Care at The Christ Hospital

Breast Cancer Patient Stories

Breast cancer patients share their personalized care journey and how The Christ Hospital Health Network physicians and care providers gave them the best shot at beating their cancer. 

Breast cancer survivor running marathon.

One-day breast cancer treatment now a reality for some women

Jackie Lipez wasn’t surprised when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2015. But she wasn’t expecting her treatment could be done in a single day. Learn more about Jackie's story and the innovative breast cancer treatment option, IORT.

Micky's Tiara: A Journey with Breast Cancer

An inspirational five-part video series featuring Micky Stewart, a breast cancer survivor turned blogger, who uses her experience to inspire others whose lives have been impacted by cancer.

Breast Cancer Breakthrough Cuts Treatment and Recovery Time

A recent innovation offers a compelling new treatment for some women with the most common form of breast cancer. Learn Linda Mallory's inspiring story as the first woman to receive this life-changing therapy at The Christ Hospital.

The Breast Cancer Dream Team

When Mary Jane Combs was facing one of the biggest challenges of her life, she turned to the expert breast cancer care team at The Christ Hospital Health Network. Learn more about Mary Jane's story of personalized, compassionate care and her journey to becoming cancer free.

Meet other Christ Hospital cancer patients and read their amazing stories.