Melanoma Treatment

Melanoma and skin cancer treatment at The Christ Hospital Health Network

If you have melanoma or another type of skin cancer, it’s natural to feel worried. You may wonder whether your treatment will leave scars on your skin. And you may be nervous about spending time in the sun, in case it makes your skin cancer come back. 

At The Christ Hospital Health Network, we understand that a cancer diagnosis can feel overwhelming. But you can rely on us to offer the practical advice, emotional encouragement and expert care you need to get through this.

Our cancer care team includes dermatologists, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists. Together they create a customized treatment plan to fight your cancer while minimizing scars and other side effects.

Your plan addresses the type of skin cancer you have (melanoma, basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma). Your therapies also depend on whether your skin cancer is localized or has spread.

State-of-the-art treatment options for melanoma and skin cancer

We offer some of the most advanced medical, surgical and radiation treatments available including chemotherapy and radiation therapy. 

You may complement your treatments with our wide range of support services. These include financial counseling, stress management and help with medications or transportation.