prostate cancer care at The Christ Hospital

Prostate Cancer Patient Stories

Prostate and urologic cancer patients share their personalized care journey and how The Christ Hospital Health Network physicians and care providers gave them the best shot at beating their cancer. 

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Getting Answers to Questions About Prostate Cancer: Robby's Story

After his questions went unanswered from another organization's cancer care team, Robby Brookins found answers and the best cancer care at The Christ Hospital’s Prostate Second Opinion Clinic.

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Team Approach Helps High-Risk Patient Beat Prostate Cancer

Learn how Darrin Steinmann worked with The Christ Hospital Prostate Collaborative – a multidisciplinary team of cancer experts working together to develop a comprehensive, fully-integrated treatment plan in complex cases - to beat his prostate cancer.

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My Patient Journey: Lawrence and Carol

Read Lawrence’s heartwarming and inspiring story of love, life and healing.

Meet other Christ Hospital cancer patients and read their amazing stories.