Happy diverse couple after heart valve treatment at The Christ Hospital.

​Living with valve disease 

Our mitral valve disease treatment program has people just like you regain their quality of life. See their stories below. 

Innovative treatment helped local man get back to business

See how the experts at The Christ Hospital Health Network were able to treat John Jessup's leaky mitral heart valve with an innovative, minimally-invasive treatment option only offered by a few hospitals in the nation. 

Minimally-Invasive Heart Surgery Offers Less Pain, Faster Recovery 

 "I went to a cardiologist in May and he said: 'You have a mild mitral leak. I'll see you in three months and we'll do a baseline echo and keep track of it.' But the shortness of breath didn't change," Lynn Maatman says. "When we were talking to the doctor it came out that I would have to sit down and rest after two flights of steps. At that point he encouraged me to get a second opinion."

The Christ Hospital Performs 500th Life-Saving Heart Valve Replacement Treatment

Stephen Gustin had the TAVR procedure performed at The Christ Hospital. Now, at 56-years-old, Stephen stood by his father's side as he went through the same procedure. 85-year-old Charles Gustin had the procedure just a few weeks ago and is already seeing the benefits. Read on to hear more of this father and son duo's story.