The Christ Hospital Outpatient Center in Anderson

Our Services

Our physicians are internal medicine specialists, meaning they care for patients 18 and older. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to establish a relationship with one of our primary care providers so that you have access to a medical professional and a team who you know and trust to coordinate your health needs, now and in the years ahead. 

In addition to yearly physicals and preventive exams, we also offer: 

  • Same-Day Sick Appointments for current patients:  Can be scheduled by phone or MyChart.

  • Routine Medicare Annual Wellness Visits:  To screen for problems and develop a plan with you to keep you healthy

  • Pre-Operative Exams:  7-10 days prior to surgery date

  • Hospital, Emergency Department, and Skilled Nursing Discharge Follow-Up:  To facilitate a healthy transition after your discharge to help prevent future admissions

  • Follow-up of Chronic Medical Conditions:  Such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, COPD, High Cholesterol and Congestive Heart Failure

Please note that some conditions require more frequent follow-up visits. Your provider will work with you to coordinate how often you need to be seen. Please schedule any follow-up visits each time you check-out to ensure you maintain this frequency. You will receive an automated reminder call one to two business days prior to your appointment. If you utilize MyChart, you will receive a notification seven days prior to your appointment with the ability to check-in online.

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