Endometriosis can be complicated to diagnosis. Its symptoms can be similar to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), uterine fibroids, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBD). A proper diagnosis will ensure you get the most advanced treatment available at The Christ Hospital Health Network, so you can pursue the things you enjoy.

Diagnosis starts when you see your doctor and describe the symptoms you're experiencing. One or more of these diagnostic tests may be performed:

  • Laparoscopy—used to look at the female pelvic organs

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)—uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images

  • Pelvic exam—physical examination of a woman's pelvic organs

  • Ultrasound—uses high-frequency sound waves to capture live images from inside of your body

The only definitive diagnosis is via laparoscopy, which allows for tissue sampling.

Next steps

If you have been diagnosed with endometriosis, your doctor will discuss your medical and surgical treatment options.

Think you might have endometriosis? Make an appointment with one of our Women’s Health experts.