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​Treating pelvic pain

At The Christ Hospital Health Network, we know pelvic pain can interfere with your daily life. It may even be difficult to talk about with your doctor. Our gynecology team specializes in putting you at ease and providing advanced care to help you get back to enjoying life. In addition to general and surgical gynecologists, your care team may include pelvic floor specialists at The Christ Hospital Pelvic Floor Center.

Multidisciplinary treatment

Your physician may use a multidisciplinary approach combining several treatments—one of the benefits of The Christ Hospital Health Network's integrated approach to care. If a physical cause can't be diagnosed for your chronic pain, your doctor may recommend counseling.

Choosing treatment for your pelvic pain means reviewing all the options, understanding what to expect and trying one or more to find what works for you.

Non-surgical treatment

Several pain-relief methods can be used to treat chronic pelvic pain, including:

  • Hormone replacement therapy—estrogen only or a combination estrogen and progestin to treat endometriosis and menstrual-related pain

  • Lifestyle changes—adjusting your diet, adding physical activity or changes to posture

  • Medications—pain relievers, muscle relaxants, anti-depressants

  • Physical therapy—massage, stretching, and exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles


Pelvic pain that doesn’t respond to other treatments may be relieved by surgery. If your pain is caused by endometriosis, uterine fibroidsor adhesions, your doctor may recommend surgery as the best option for pain relief.

Hearing they need surgery may prevent some women from having a procedure they really need. We specialize in minimally invasive techniques providing a faster recovery with less pain and fewer complications, so you get back home sooner. Talk with your gynecologist and get the information you need to make the best decision for your health.

Surgical options may include:

  • Removal of endometrial lesions via laparoscopic procedure through small abdominal incisions

  • Myomectomy to remove uterine fibroids

  • Hysterectomy to remove the entire uterus

  • Uterine embolization to block the blood vessels that enable fibroids to grow

Leading-edge facilities

At The Christ Hospital Health Network, we have an innovative Women’s Surgery Center designed specifically for women. Our Center features spacious operating rooms, the da Vinci surgical system for robotic-assisted gynecologic surgery, and telemedicine technology for real-time, remote consultations with pathologists.

At our Pelvic Floor Center—one of only a few centers of its kind in the U.S.– specialists called urogynecologists care for women with pelvic pain and other pelvic floor disorders.

Find a Women’s Health expert who specializes in treating pelvic pain.