Pregnant woman looking at cell phone

Pregnancy updates you can trust

There are a lot of pregnancy apps out there promising to guide you through your pregnancy. But wouldn't you rather that come from your doctor – without ads? We thought so, too!

That's why The Christ Hospital keeps it simple with important (and free) pregnancy updates, right inside The Christ Hospital Mobile App or your MyChart Patient Portal. We've built in bite-sized education and important reminders, week-by-week, to prevent information overload. It's the information you need at the right time.

Plus, it's more than the typical "your baby is the size of an apple" updates. Yes, you'll get those interesting tidbits, but you'll also get great features like:

  • Helpful blog articles and downloadable checklists

  • Mental health check-ins

  • Prompts to register for important milestones, such as childbirth classes

  • Cost information & resources

And again, you can access everything right in your Patient Portal with The Christ Hospital Mobile App or in MyChart.

How it works

You will receive pregnancy updates and reminders about once a week that will help you track your baby’s growth, learn about important milestones, and get ready for labor and delivery.

  • Once your pregnancy care begins, your doctor will enroll you to get pregnancy updates in your Patient Portal. You will receive a notification in your email that you have been enrolled.

  • You may also see a notification in your Patient Portal asking if you would like to begin tracking your pregnancy. When you select “Let’s Go!” – this will also enroll you in pregnancy updates.

Please note: If you have previously given someone access to your patient portal online records (also called proxy access), they will also be able to view and participate in your pregnancy tasks. You can manage who has access to your online record at any time.

Completing tasks

You will get an App notification or email when you have a new task. If you decide to turn off notifications, you can still find all your tasks under To Do Tasks.

You can mark tasks as complete as you work through them. If you have questions about a task, you can send a message to your care team.

Creating a Patient Portal account

Don't have a Patient Portal account with The Christ Hospital?

Ask your care team for information on how to get started or visit to create your account.

Can I unenroll?

If you decide you no longer want to receive pregnancy care reminders, you can message your provider to discontinue the service.