​Diagnosing vaginal infection

Vaginal infections, though common, have worrisome and unpleasant symptoms. These range from swelling, to abnormal discharge and odor, to painful intercourse. A correct diagnosis is important, as vaginal infection symptoms can be similar to those of some sexually transmitted diseases.

If you experience the symptoms of a vaginal infection, turn to the Women's Health experts at The Christ Hospital Health Network. You'll receive exceptional, patient-centered care that relieves your symptoms and lets you get back to enjoying life.

What to expect at your appointment

Be sure to schedule your doctor visit when you're not having your period and haven't used any vaginal sprays or products during the 24 hours before you appointment. During your visit, you doctor will complete a medical and sexual history and perform a pelvic exam.

Additional tests may include:

  • A urine test

  • Examination of any vaginal discharge and collection of a sample for lab testing

  • pH testing—applying a pH test stick or strip of paper applied to the wall of the vagina checks for an elevated pH, which is an indication of bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis

Next steps

If you have been diagnosed with a vaginal infection your doctor will discuss your medical treatment options.

Think you might have a vaginal infection? Make an appointment with one of our Women's Health experts who specialze in the treatment of vaginal infections.