When is the Nursing Residency Program available?

Our Critical Care Nurse Residency Program is typically offered d​uring the summer and can be offered at other times during the year depending on organizational needs. 

Participants are learning/working 32-40 hours per week on various shifts.​

Who can apply for the Critical Care Nurse Residency Program?​

Recent nursing program graduates with less than six months of experience can apply directly for the residency.​

Can I apply for the program if I am an RN with some experience?​

Our Critical Care Nurse Residency Program is designed for newly graduated nurses or those with less than six months’ experience. If you have MORE than six months of experience, you need to apply directly to the unit in which you would like to work, and not as part of the residency program.​

How do I apply for the Critical Care Nurse Residency?​

Apply ONLY online through the careers link.

Do I need to take the NCLEX prior to the residency?​

It is recommended but not necessary. At a maximum, the NCLEX must be taken 45 days after graduation.​

Will I be paid during this residency?​

Yes, nurse residents are paid the new graduate RN rate.​


What happens after I submit my paperwork and complete my application?​

Your paperwork and application will be reviewed and you will contacted by email or phone regarding your status.​

Does it matter which instructors I use for references?​

Instructor references give us insight into your clinical performance. If your program offered a critical care rotation, that instructor must be one of your references. If not, obtain references from clinical instructors of your choice. You can have more than two instructors submit references on your behalf, but there must be a minimum of two.​

What if I have questions?​

Please direct any questions about the Critical Care Nurse Residency program to Aly Miazga.