Is a Disc Problem Causing My Back Pain?


Ryan Seal, MD

Ryan Seal, MD, is an orthopedic spine surgeon with The Christ Hospital Physicians – Spine Surgery. Dr. Seal's interests encompass all aspects of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine care, including disk herniations, stenosis, revision surgery, deformity, and spine trauma. He is trained in both traditional and innovative techniques, including minimally invasive surgery. He is a proponent of conservative treatment whenever possible, has a strong belief of incorporating new technology and methods into conventional spine procedures, and formulates a unique treatment plan for each individual patient. 

Is a Disc Problem Causing My Back Pain? Remember the good old days when simple things like yard work didn’t hurt the next day??? Spine specialist Dr. Ryan Seal shares how wear and tear on our discs can cause back and neck pain, and practical solutions to get you up and moving again.


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