MD Insider: New Treatment for Mitral Regurgitation

MD Insider provides a unique inside look into medical conditions and treatments to uncover ground-breaking advances that are truly transforming healthcare. The series features insight from acclaimed cardiologist, Dean Kereiakes, MD, breaking down exciting innovations and treatments available right here in the Tristate. In this month's episode, Dr. Kereiakes sits down with Ian Sarembock, MD, to discuss TMVR, a new treatment for mitral regurgitation

Understand Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement (TMVR)

Mitral regurgitation is leakiness of the mitral valve. Instead of going forward across the aortic valve to the body, a portion of blood pumped with each beat of the heart goes backwards into the left atrium.

In the past, the primary treatment options for patients with severe mitral valve regurgitation have included medications to reduce symptoms of shortness of breath and surgical mitral valve replacement or repair (open heart surgery). With our aging population, the number of patients with severe mitral regurgitation is increasing and with older age comes higher surgical risk.

Many patients are not candidates for valve repair alone, and exciting newer transcatheter mitral valve replacement, or TMVR, technologies have been developed and are in the early stages of clinical trials. We are participating in two of these randomized trials using different TMVR valve designs. Preliminary results with these devices have been encouraging, but the techniques and technologies will no doubt evolve as we gain more knowledge.

Our multidisciplinary heart team approach to valve disease has allowed us to provide comprehensive, leading-edge care to patients with heart valve disease.

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