My Patient Journey: Linda, Cody and Jesse

​​​​​​​​My 12-year-old son, Cody, was constantly complaining about his ear hurting. His pediatrician diagnosed him with chronic swimmers ear and put him on antibiotics. After weeks with no relief, the pediatrician referred him to a pediatric ENT, but they would not be able to see him for several weeks.​

I receive all of my primary care at The Christ Hospital and love my doctor, so I decided to do some research on their ENT group. Living in Florence, I was delighted to see that there was an ENT specialist in the Fort Wright office. I quickly called the office and was able to get my son in—in just two days—to see Dr. Hensler.

This was the first time one of my children was not seeing a pediatrician, and I wasn't sure if the doctor would have the personality or skills to work with kids. Boy was I wrong!

Dr. Matthew ​Hensler exceeded my expectations. He knew how to talk to Cody, and he was sincere in his empathy. His attention and time spent listening to Cody was unlike anything I had ever witnessed in a healthcare setting.

Dr. Hensler developed a plan of action that included antibiotics and draining once a week. I've never seen my son actually look forward to going to the doctor's office, but because
Dr. Hensler was such a friend to him, he didn't mind.

Coincidently, after our first encounter with Dr. Hensler, my 13-year-old son, Jesse, was also having pain in his ear, and we knew exactly who to call. The office was once again able to get him in quickly to meet with Dr. Hensler.

Dr. Hensler found a small cyst in Jesse's ear. After further examination, he explained that it would need to be surgically removed. It's a scary thing as a parent when you're told one of your children needs surgery. But because I knew he was in such great hands and care with Dr. Hensler, I had great peace of mind with the whole thing.

I am happy to report that Jesse's surgery went well, and Cody just had his last draining appointment. His ear is all clear.

My boys and I are grateful for the care we received from Dr. Hensler and now tell all of our family and friends that The Christ Hospital is the only place to go for your care. Dr. Hensler is a great physician and a wonderful person.

Thank you, Dr. Hensler, and thank you, Linda, for sharing your story! To learn more about our ENT services, click here​