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Prevention. Wellness. Early detection.  

Employers are playing a larger role in keeping our population healthy with more organizations offering workplace wellness programs than ever before. Wellness is not a difficult concept, but to effectively execute, engage and drive change—this is where many wellness programs fall short. It is imperative to create wellness initiatives that jibe with the company culture and support employees in making healthy decisions. 

Customizing the right programs and initiatives for your employee population is what we do best. We take the time to strategically plan and develop a wellness campaign based on our data collection and your company culture. Connecting employers and their workforce team with platforms that drive participation, engagement, and support can establish life long behavior changes. 

Our wellness initiatives aims to assist your organization with better employee health, lower healthcare costs, increased morale, decreased turnover rate, reduced absenteeism, employee happiness, improved performance & productivity, talent acquisition, and so much more! 

Data Collection and Strategic Planning 

The best way to drive result is data and understanding. Biometric screenings and healthcare utilization data are the best way to drive your wellness initiatives and assist in improving the health of your employees; increasing productivity; and decreasing your healthcare spend. We will customize screening programs to meet your needs.                     

Online Personal Wellness Portal

This portal allows your employees to view their health assessment and biometric data online and obtain a health score. Tracking tools and educational links are available to help employees set and meet their health goals. A customized wellness portal with individual health results, health score and health trackers is available to employees.               

Online Personal Health Assessment Profile

We will send a customized link to your Personal Health Assessment Profile. Selected times for screenings will be established based on your organization's needs and we will provide communication materials that can be distributed to your employees. Employees will click on the link and fill out a 5 to 10 minute survey and schedule their appointment. The Personal Health Assessment Profile is also available as a hard copy survey.                      

Biometric Screenings   

  • Resting blood pressure.                    

  • Body composition (height, weight, body fat, waist circumference, body mass index).                   

  • Fasting blood work with immediate results for cholesterol, high density lipoprotein, low density lipoprotein, triglycerides and glucose.               

  • Fingerstick blood draw is most commonly selected by employers, though we also offer venipuncture blood draw.             

  • Results consultation: Results of the biometric screening will be reviewed by a healthcare professional.                

Comprehensive Group Health Report   

Results of the biometric screening and Personal Health Assessment Profile will be compiled as a group report for you to see how your employee population is doing as a whole. Individual data is only reported to the participant.  

Group Data Review and Strategic Planning   

We will provide a one-year wellness strategic plan using your group biometric data and healthcare data. We will help you identify programs and services to help increase your culture of wellness, improve employee health and help reduce healthcare costs.      

Establish a Primary Care Physician Relationship

Choosing a primary care doctor is the first step in staying healthy. For employees who do not already have a primary care physician, we will assist employees in finding and establishing a relationship with a Christ Hospital doctor.   

For more information on our wellness services, call 513-263-8699 or  email us at

Our Most Popular Offerings

Once we assess your organization's overall population's health and culture, it is time to customize a wellness plan that fits your needs and budget. At The Christ Hospital, we understand that not one-size-fits all in terms of wellness programs. We are constantly designing new programs and educational materials for our clients based on what will work best for them. Partnering with us will give you access to a dedicated wellness team, resources, and healthcare expertise in the wellness space. Below are some of our most popular services. 

Wellness tool kit

Our wellness tool kit offers a comprehensive list of online resources for you and your employees. Our toolkit includes: 

  • Educational videos

  • Cooking demos

  • Workouts

  • Health checklists

  • Wellness calendars

  • Healthy recipes

  • Educational fliers

  • Health tips

  • Online learning modules

  • And more!

Popular educational seminars

  • Diabetes

  • Blood pressure

  • Importance of PCP

  • Men's health

  • Women's health

  • Skin

  • Sleep

  • Nutrition

  • GI health

  • Stress relief

Popular wellness campaign topics

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Diabetes

  • Weight loss

  • Physical activity

We offer a three tiered approach when it comes to wellness. Our beginner package is optimal for companies that are just entering into the wellness space. Our advanced package is optimal for companies that want to use our expertise in designing and managing customized health programs to engage employees. Lastly, our expert package is optimal for companies that want to promote wellness as a lifestyle by embracing activity based programs. Contact us for more information on what each package includes. 

To learn more about our wellness services and how they can help your company, contact Mike Shaw at or Lauren Whitton at

We use customized pricing so that we can provide you the best possible value and allow you to stay within your budget. Each event or program is based on your company location and the program components you choose.