Breast Cancer Care at The Christ Hospital

Breast cancer care team at The Christ Hospital Health Network

At The Christ Hospital Health Network, breast cancer care is a collaborative effort. You are at the center of our team. And revolving around you are many cancer experts who work tirelessly to help you beat cancer. That's why we developed the Breast Cancer Collaborative. 

This team of doctors work together to continually evaluate breast cancer care at The Christ Hospital. The team's goal is to stay on top of new developments in breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatments. They also evaluate patient satisfaction, quality of care and clinical performance.

Even though this team of doctors work behind the scenes, their efforts have a big impact on patient care. 

Gina G. Chung, MDMedical Oncology
Robert L. Cody, MDMedical Oncology
Christopher M. Freese, MDRadiation Oncology
Natalie B. Geier, MDRadiation Oncology
Rodney P. Geier, MDRadiation Oncology
David E. Long, MDRadiation Oncology
Jennifer B. Manders, MDSurgery, General
Brian A. Mannion, MDMedical Oncology
Cornelia M. McCluskey, MDRadiation Oncology
Kelly M. McLean, MDSurgery, General
Sandra L. Miller, MDSurgery, General
Julie L. Specht, MDMedical Oncology
Slobodan M. Stanisic, MDMedical Oncology

Additional providers

Click the link below for a comprehensive list of all breast cancer specialists who may practice at The Christ Hospital. 

Find more breast cancer specialists in your area.

Breast Patient Navigator

At the heart of our program is a breast health nurse navigator who helps make your experience smooth and seamless. Our navigator helps you by making appointments, coordinating referrals, providing information about your treatment and facilitating any support services you need. You can reach our breast patient navigator by calling 513-585-0671.