Prostate and urologic cancer care team at The Christ Hospital Health Network

At The Christ Hospital Health Network, prostate and urologic cancer care is a collaborative effort. We put our best and brightest cancer caregivers together, to work for you and with you.

That's why our prostate and urologic cancer program is led by a group called the Urologic Cancer Collaborative. It's a team of our doctors and administrative leaders who meet regularly to talk about prostate and bladder cancer care. The team's goal is to stay on top of national guidelines and new developments in screening, diagnosis, and treatments. They also evaluate patient satisfaction, quality of care and clinical performance.

Even though our Urologic Cancer Collaborative works behind the scenes, their efforts have a noticeable impact on patient care. Thanks to their leadership, when you turn to us for prostate or bladder cancer care, you can feel confident that your experience and outcomes will be exceptional.

Outstanding doctors

From screening and diagnosis through treatment and recovery, you'll work closely with an integrated team of cancer specialists. Our network of doctors includes some of the area's most respected primary care physicians, urologists, medical oncologists, surgeons and radiation oncologists.

Meet our prostate and urologic cancer care team

Primary care physicians

Your primary care doctor may be the first doctor you turn to with unusual symptoms like trouble urinating, blood in your urine or pelvic pain. He or she can order urine lab tests or PSA tests and perform digital rectal exams. Your doctor can also provide a referral to one of our urologists or other specialists.

Need a new primary care doctor? Find a primary care physician who is right for you.


Our urologists specialize in diseases that affect the urinary tract or male reproductive system. 

Learn more about our urologists who specialize in prostate and bladder cancer:

Medical oncologists

Medical oncologists help treat cancer using a variety of different medicines. These include chemotherapy, hormone therapy and immunotherapy.

Learn more about our medical oncologists who specialize in prostate and bladder cancer:

Radiation oncologists

Radiation oncologists treat cancer with radiation therapy. They perform the latest targeted radiation treatments, including stereotactic radiosurgery.

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