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Thoracic Surgery

When complex health issues require surgery, having a team of dedicated experts care for you makes all the difference. The Christ Hospital Thoracic Surgery program provides comprehensive care for a wide variety of cancers, diseases, infections and other conditions in the chest cavity.

Thoracic surgery is a specialized area of medicine for organs, muscles, bones and soft tissues located between the neck and diaphragm and within the ribcage. These include the lungs, esophagus, trachea, chest wall and lymph nodes. Issues involving the heart and blood vessels are often handled by doctors who specialize in cardiothoracic surgery.

The Christ Hospital Health Network has a dedicated thoracic surgery team with extensive experience in minimally invasive techniques including robotic-assisted surgery. They work closely with other members of the care team – pulmonology, cancer specialists, physical therapists, speech pathologists and many others – to address all aspects of each patient's wellbeing, from diagnosis and testing through recovery and rehabilitation.

The Christ Hospital Thoracic Surgery program:

  • Offers extensive diagnostic testing for people with thoracic conditions, including screenings for earlier detection of lung cancer

  • Performs a full range of general thoracic surgeries

  • Works closely with the oncology team to treat cancers of the thoracic cavity, including lung cancer and esophageal cancer

  • Offers a multidisciplinary clinic for people with chest wall deformities (pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum)

Exploring options for general thoracic surgery?

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General thoracic conditions we treat

Airway Disorders

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

  • Emphysema

  • Excessive dynamic airway collapse (EDAC)

  • Prolonged air leaks

  • Prolonged respiratory failure and lung failure

  • Tracheobronchomalacia


  • Chest wall tumors

  • Lung cancer, including lung cancer that has spread to other parts of the chest and abdominal cavity

  • Lung nodules, including pulmonary nodules (spots on the lung), incidental lung nodules and other lung masses

  • Lymphoma

  • Thymoma

Chest Wall Conditions

  • Chest wall deformities, including pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum in adults

  • Diaphragmatic paralysis

  • Non-cancerous and cancerous tumors

  • Rib fractures and sternal fractures

Esophageal Conditions

  • Achalasia

  • Benign esophageal disease due to other conditions such as achalasia, diverticulum and esophageal stricture

  • Difficulty swallowing

  • Esophageal diverticulum

  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

  • Hiatal hernia

  • Myasthenia gravis


  • Pleural effusions

  • Primary and secondary pneumothorax

  • Pulmonary nodules, including incidental primary nodules and solitary pulmonary masses


  • Complex infections in the chest

  • Hyperhidrosis

  • Sarcoidosis

General thoracic surgery tests and procedures

Experienced providers at The Christ Hospital use advanced diagnostic technology to better understand each patient's thoracic condition and medical needs. Test results help them create a personalized treatment plan that may include surgery.

Lung Cancer Screening

A low-dose CT scan is quick, non-invasive test to check your risk for lung cancer, especially for current or former cigarette smokers. Click here to learn more about lung cancer screening and early detection.

Bronchoscopy, including:

  • Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) bronchoscopy

  • Robotic bronchoscopy with the Monarch system (robotic bronchoscopy)

  • Electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy

Other Screenings / Diagnostic Tests

  • Pulmonary function test

  • Mediastinoscopy

  • Video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) for the diagnosis of VATS, lymph node biopsies, lung spots and tissue biopsies

Juilian Guitron, MD, Thoracic Surgeon at The Christ Hospital

Surgical Procedures

Our general thoracic surgeons offer open and minimally invasive techniques, including robotic surgery.

  • Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) with endoluminal interventions including balloon dilations and cryotherapy

  • Thoracentesis for pleural effusions and collections

  • Tunneled pleural catheters

  • Video-assisted thoracic surgery

  • Heller myotomy

  • Laparoscopic anti-reflux surgery

  • Diaphragm plication

  • Thymectomy­

  • Myotomy

  • Robotic lung surgery

  • Pain control: Cryoanalgesia/nerve blocks

  • Lung cancer surgery

  • Robotically assisted lung resection surgery

  • Mediastinal surgery

  • Esophageal stents

  • Pericardial window

  • Thoracentesis

Exploring options for general thoracic surgery?

Call The Christ Hospital at 513-206-1170 to:

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