Vascular disease treatment

The Christ Hospital Health Network offers early detection, diagnosis and advanced, effective treatment  for vascular disease. Our specialists are skilled in the use of innovative technology and provide comprehensive vascular care for patients with all stages and types of peripheral circulatory disease.

Diagnostic and treatment options include:

  • Vascular disease screenings

  • Angiography an X-ray of blood vessels

  • Catheter-based treatment — the surgical widening of a blocked or narrowed blood vessel via balloon angioplasty or stent placement)

  • Surgery — includes both traditional and minimally invasive techniques

  • Angioplasty — the surgical repair or unblocking of a blood vessel

  • Lytic therapy for DVT — break down the blood clot, allowing blood to flow normally

  • Medical management — the use of long-term medications

  • Heart-healthy lifestyle changes — such as quitting smoking

Heart healthy lifestyle

You already know that your choices and behaviors affect your health. That is especially true with heart and vascular conditions. Treatment often includes life-long lifestyle changes, such as: