The Christ Hospital Physicians - Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine


Bryan G. Beutel, MDSurgery of the Hand / Orthopaedic Surgery
Sandra A. Eisele, MD, FACS, MBAOrthopaedic Surgery
Paul J. Favorito, MDOrthopaedic Surgery
Jacob M. Gunzenhaeuser, MDOrthopaedic Surgery / Sports Medicine
Warren G. Harding, III, MDSports Medicine / Orthopaedic Surgery
Robert S. Jolson, MDSports Medicine / Orthopaedic Surgery
Patrick G. Kirk, MDOrthopaedic Surgery
Edward V. A. Lim, MDOrthopaedic Surgery
Michael P. Palmer, MDOrthopaedic Surgery / Sports Medicine
Marc C. Schneider, MDSports Medicine / Orthopaedic Surgery
Lee D. Shaftel, MDOrthopaedic Surgery
Noah Shaftel, MDSurgery of the Hand / Orthopaedic Surgery
M. Scott True, MDOrthopaedic Surgery
Jeffrey K. Wu, MDOrthopaedic Surgery

Advanced Practice Providers

Advanced Practice Provider (APP) is the generally accepted term for Nurse Practitioners, Physician's Assistants, Clinical Nurse Specialists, and Nurse Midwives. Some APPs see patients independently or with a physician in the office and/or hospital setting. 

David V. Donnelly, PA-COrthopedics
Gina M. Hissong, CNPOrthopedics
Victor J. Imrie, PA-COrthopedics
Kaitlyn N. Kundert, CNPOrthopedics
Melissa J. Lewandowski, PA-COrthopedics
Michelle C. O'Donnell, PA-COrthopedics
Zachary D. Ranly, PA-COrthopedics
Eric J. Washnock, PA-COrthopedics