Physicians  who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal tumors

 Spine Surgeons

Michael J. Kramer, MDSpine Surgery / Neurological Surgery
Mark E. Magner, MDSpine Surgery / Neurological Surgery
John M. Roberts, MDSpine Surgery / Orthopaedic Surgery
Ryan J. Seal, MDSpine Surgery / Orthopaedic Surgery
Monir Tabbosha, MD, M. SurgSpine Surgery / Neurological Surgery

 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physicians

Jennifer Y. Chung, MDPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Rachel L. Heberling, MDPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Additional providers

Click the link below for a comprehensive list of all spine specialists who may practice at The Christ Hospital. 

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If your spine tumor is malignant, your care team may consist of other medical providers. These may include: